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I have been a record collector for many years.  I find that the extraordinary sound quality of some of the early Decca, RCA, and Columbia during the mid 90s.  I then began to hunt all these records for my collections including other labels which I found worth to collect due to their best sound and high quality pressing.  In these years I have built relationship with international dealers in Europe, USA & Japan.

Around 1997 I started helping my friends to hunt records via overseas connection and thru' the internet.  That's why I developed the Recollections Record at a small shopping arcade in North Point (THOUGH NOW become my audiophile audition paradise, which welcome all music lover and audiophiles to visit us for enjoying audiophile sound). I am promised to constantly provide the highest-quality music and value-added services to the vinyl lovers through our eBay Store "LPCD_Collectables2006".  For all new and return customers, welcome to visit me by appointment to discuss music and hifi as I have set up an audiophile paradise at the same location to audition all audiophile recordings.


自於本年一月一日創立 Recollections Record 網頁,誠蒙各位黑膠愛好者蒞臨指導賜教,特此多謝。為保證 Recollections Record 的黑膠唱片質素,除於搜購時嚴選一些唱片質素至少達到A級 (near mint)或以上的唱片外,亦已斥鉅資於十月二日購入一部頂級洗碟機 (Keith Monks) 為唱片「重新」。並提供洗碟服務給各黑膠發燒友,於推廣期內優惠洗碟服務訂為每隻 HK$15 兼送防靜電內套一個 (並洗五送一,多洗多送)。

Recollections Record 將定期每月竭力由歐美搜羅二手及全新 (New Old Stock) 黑膠唱片,包括古典、電影、爵士、流行兼一些備受推薦好演繹與靚音效名碟 (即 audiophile),以嚮知音。亦設有代客尋找罕有唱片服務,無需任何手續費用,歡迎垂詢。

由於經營 Recollections Record 只為興趣亦因鍾愛攝影致無暇管理,故已經停止門市!並於美國投標網站 eBay 開設商店 「LPCD_Collectables2006」繼續 將收搜羅的精品於網上銷售。新知舊雨欲找小弟傾談 HiFi 時間只能在星期六及星期日並需要預約,不便之處,盼能見諒!



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