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About Me

Format 4/3 and Micro 4/3 camera I use

Olympus Format 4/3

 E-1,  E-300, E-400, E-500 & E-510

Panasonic Format Micro 4/3

Lumix G-1 & GH-1

I only have the OM 14-45mm kit lens come with the E-500, ED 70-300mm and Sigma Macro 150mm for auto-focusing, all others are manual focus old lenses from 135 film or cine film.


Upon purchased of a New Panasonic Lumix G1, I bought some M4/3 adapter for it to use my manual lens collections, including Canon FD-to-M4/3; Canon EOS-to-M4/3; Leica M-to-M4/3 and Cine C-mount-to-M4/3.  Also with the original Panasonic DMW-MA1 M4/3 to 4/3 adapter, combined with adapter to EOS, Leica L39-to-M, I can use nearly all my manual lens collections.  Now I have to buy more c-mount cine lens for my collections which I only have one - the Angenieux 16-78mm f2.2.  Now I have the following cine lens in my collections:-

1.  Kern Yvar 25mm f1.4 RX

2.  Kern Yvar 75mm f1.9 Macro

3.  Kern Yvar 100mm f3.3

4.  Kern Yvar 150mm f3.3 Macro

5.  Wollensak 1" (25mm) Raptar f1.5

6.  Wollensak 3" (75m) Raptar f4.5

7.  Angenieux 15-150mm f2.8

8.  Angenieux 17-68mm f2.2

9.  Angenieux 25mm f0.95

10. Angenieux 75mm f2.5

11. Som Berthiod 25mm f1.9

12. Som Berthiod Cinor 75mm f2.5

13. Set of Kodar Ektar and Anastig cine lenes including 25mm f1.4/f1.9; 40mm; 50mm; 68mm; 75mm; 102mm & 152mm.

Many others are one the way or under reconstruction on suitable mount for the OM Format 4/3 which will be tested later.


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